orlí stay light

With just 0.5 standard drinks per can and a 2% alcohol kick - orlí is the perfect way to enjoy a mindful drink without compromising on taste, balance or sophistication.

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    Nothing Artificial

    No artificial flavours, colours, sweeteners or preservatives

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    Gluten Free

    All products are 100% gluten free

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    Vegan Friendly

    Our drinks are 100% vegan

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    Mindful Drinking

    With 0.5 standard drinks per can - you can have more (or less)

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    Full ingredients and nutrition information listed on every can

Pears, Elderflowers, Limes, Cucumber, Basil, Rose, Pink Peppercorns Seltzer ingredients

Our Story

Our mission is to offer an alternative to the 'all or nothing' approach to alcohol, so you can enjoy a drink that suits your lifestyle and values.

Our flavours are diverse, all natural, unique and can be enjoyed on their own or as a cocktail mixer.

We believe that mindful drinking means being fully aware of what you consume. That's why we list all the ingredients on each can, so you can be 100% clear on what you are drinking.

Savour every occasion with orlí and experience the brightness of flavour.


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