The Art of Moderation: How to enjoy a drink AND make it to gym the next day

The Art of Moderation: How to enjoy a drink AND make it to gym the next day

Informed and responsible drinking habits start with knowledge.

In Australia, a standard drink contains 10 grams of pure alcohol, in the United States this jumps to 14 grams and in the UK a unit of alcohol is measured as 8 grams [1].

The information below is based on Australian guidelines [2].

Examples of Standard Drinks

It's important to keep track of how much you're consuming and what that means for your body. Here’s what a standard drink looks like across different alcohol types.


  • A pot (285ml) of mid-strength beer (around 3.5-4% ABV) typically contains approximately one standard drink.
  • For full-strength beer (around 4.8-5% ABV), a 375ml can or stubby equates to approximately 1.4 standard drinks.


  • A standard glass (150ml) of wine with an alcohol content of about 13% ABV is equivalent to approximately 1.6 standard drinks.
  • A larger pour or different ABV level will proportionately increase the number of standard drinks.


  • A single shot (30ml) of spirits such as vodka, gin, whiskey, or rum, at 40% ABV, counts as one standard drink.
  • A double shot would equate to two standard drinks.


  • One glass of champagne (150ml) with an alcohol content of about 12% ABV is equivalent to approximately 1.4 standard drinks. 

Hard Seltzer:

  • Typically, a 330ml can of hard seltzer with an ABV of around 4-5% would be equivalent to approximately one standard drink. orlí, in a 330ml can is 2% ABC and 0.5 standard drinks.

    Why Understanding Standard Drinks Matters

    This knowledge can help you make responsible choices about alcohol consumption by keeping track of your intake and preventing overindulgence.

    Practicing Responsible Drinking

    In social settings, moderation is crucial. Tips for a healthy relationship with alcohol:

    Check Labels:

    Be mindful of the alcohol content listed on bottles or cans. This information helps in estimating how many standard drinks you're consuming.
      Standard Drink examples

      Hydration Balance:

      Alternate alcoholic drinks with water to pace consumption and maintain hydration.

        water being poured into a clear glass

        Know Your Limits:

        Understand your tolerance and set personal limits for a safe and enjoyable experience.


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          In Conclusion: Responsible Enjoyment

          Understanding standard drinks enables informed choices. Work hard, play smart, and #staylight.

          Please see the Department of Health and Aged Care website Standard Drinks Guide for further information.



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          [2] Australian Government Department of Health and Aged Care, 8 Dec 2020,, accessed December 2023

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